The Rasayana of a Research Poster Project - Julie

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The Rasayana of a Research Poster Project - Julie Dunlop


Is it possible that creating a research project could be a rasayana (rejuvenating therapy)? Isn’t it a lot of work? Yes, but it’s the challenging, invigorating type of work that makes the neurons dance. To me, creating a research poster project for the 2017 NAMA Conference felt like working on an enormous holographic puzzle, which most of the time felt nearly as unsolvable as a Rubik’s Cube. In truth, if I had known how time-consuming it would be and how far it would take me outside of my comfort zone, I likely would have opted out. However, in retrospect, I’m so glad I just dove in because it ended up being almost like getting to do a third year of the Ayurvedic Studies Program via independent study. What I loved about the process was the way it inspired me to return to my notes, my textbooks, to deep periods of analysis and synthesis, exploring how the pieces of Ayurvedic philosophy and pathophysiology fit together. To see bodies of knowledge resonating in new ways renewed my interest in them individually and collectively.

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