Science Discovery, Curcumin Improves Intestinal Ba

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Science Discovery, Curcumin Improves Intestinal Barrier Function, Modulation of Intracellular Signaling, and Organization of Tight Junctions – Diana Lurie


Type of Study: Chronic systemic inflammation is increasingly thought to play a role in the development of metabolic diseases, including Type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis. The Western diet can also contribute to dyslipidemia, but it is not known whether the western diet contributes directly to the development of chronic inflammation. In addition, the mechanisms that generate the development of chronic inflammation are not well understood. Interestingly, human studies have found that levels of gut bacteria–derived products, cell walls of bacteria, is correlated with visceral fat volume and insulin resistance. In individuals with a healthy intestine, LPS cannot leave the gut and enter the general circulation due to the intestinal barrier. But disruption of the intestinal barrier does lead to an increase in systemic LPS levels in response to a Western diet. In other words, the Western diet can lead to an increase in the permeability of the intestinal walls

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