Milk, Best and Natural Rasayana for Human Being -

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Milk, Best and Natural Rasayana for Human Being - Prakash Mangalasseri, E. Surendran, C.V. Jayadevan, A.K. Manoj Kumar, Seetha C


Abstract: Milk is the most preferred diet and therapeutic material utilized by Ayurvedic physicians. Though cow’s milk is commonly advocated, description of the properties and uses of other sources of milk is detailed in the classics of Ayurveda. Milk has a wide range of nutritional and pharmacological properties. Goat’s milk is ideal for daily consumption as well as recommended as a nutritional therapeutic in cachexia (oeoÈa) management. Continuous use of milk along with ghee is described as an optimum rejuvenative (rasÀyana) by °cÀrya Caraka. Milk is also labeled as the best wholesome (pathya) and most conducive (sÀtmya) dietary ingredient. Its properties are similar to innate immunity (ojas). Thus, routine use of milk leads to promotion of immunity, strength, longevity, and mental capacity. Such characteristics are indicative of
milk as a rejuvenative (rasÀyana) substance in one’s diet.

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